Price is important in tough economic times, but the majority of price-driven consumers still factor in the importance of branding. Companies must maintain “good housekeeping” during a recession; things like service and product quality. 


Clear brand association and market leadership is delivered by communication.

Cut the communication, you create a major problem.


Make certain that while marketing, the “elasticity” of the brand is understood.  In other words, how much - or how little - advertising is necessary to sustain sales?  The art and science of the price-brand connection must be skillfully managed. In today’s networked, digital marketplace, consumer buzz about disappointments with a product can have huge impacts, quickly and widely. You must give people good things to talk about by continuing to have good products and communication.  The 5Cs.


The Sterling Solutions approach is very simple at the core: We Deliver Value. 

And when price-driven consumers help to define not only consumer buzz.. but your budget, our work quite simply helps to improve your bottom line.