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The 5 SEO basics you need to know before creating your own content

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a term companies need to know when it comes to creating readable content for their websites. Failure to take SEO into account – even if you’ve got great information to pass on – means it won’t be seen. Here are five SEO basics you need before you start writing.


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Plant an idea, grow a business

I believe there is no limit to what can be done if we work together.


Sterling Solutions LLC has worked with start-ups and "new age" (not strictly silicon valley) partnerships and interests.  We would be happy to work with you on your idea, just contact us to get started (click here).


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Google Wallet

This is one step closer to that 1:1 relationship that *every* business needs to engage in today!

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Ideas that spread - WIN.

Graphics do not matter.

Presentation does not matter.

Grammar does not matter.


It is the idea - that counts.

Always start with a good idea.


Now, it is a bit of hyperbole to say none of the above matters.  As you know from experience, polished and professional make all the difference in the world.  I have discussed in detail across various media that marketing has changed.  Customers are what matter.  Message, intent, and your personality are critical... and so the question is:


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Does local matter? Post early, post often.

Local search has been around the block a few times.  Contenders like have touted reviews and information on local businesses for years now.  Google is amidst an attempted take-over of the local ratings+reviews market.  They successfully merged in terms of PR and perception the 'ratings' and 'reviews' classifications (they are fundamentally different) ..

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The who, what, where, & why of Customer Engagement Planning

The question: What is your target market currently doing online?


What they are doing online;

Where, or what websites is the activity taking place;

Why? ...what do they want from the activity?

This is the foundation for your Customer Engagement Plan.


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Holistic Technology Part 1 - Search Effectiveness

I was in the throes of working on a strategic marketing and SEO plan for a local business owner and realized I have internalized a holistic technology approach.  It occurred to me a few weeks ago, actually, as I listened intently to another local business owner describe in concise yet flexible language what "holistic" means in that line of work.  "wow!" - - I thought - - "it applies to me!"  I have shared bits and pieces along the way... and this seems like a great point to start.


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Facebook does it again - hiding stuff you want to see

It's sad but true.  Facebook keeps blundering with users.


Heres what: I use facebook and I *want* to see things from friends that I haven't talked to in awhile.  Hopefully I see some note... a picture... a comment... that prompts me to interact with them again.  Maybe share a story.  Maybe chuckle about old times.  Maybe make an inside joke.  Or even just offer to help.


So Facebook uses the "Stream" to show you whats going on.  It's a GREAT (fairly) new way to do exactly these things.

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Here's what, Verizon

From Twitter:

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Heard this morning

Delivery is key to how we interpret the things around us.  I heard someone read this blog post today:

And the lessons it contains rang so very true to me.  I just had to share.

Positive Mental Attitude.  Great things are bound to happen!  They are already happening!!