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Private in Public

Many of our clients need and expect privacy.  Yet they can live somewhat public lives.


Let's look at an example - public figures, such as politicians, are asked to open certain aspects of thier lives to scrutiny.  This doesn't mandate the public knows everything about them.  In fact, many have been known to carry on rather private lives.  

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Facebook rolls out big changes

"Pages" on Facebook have long been viewed as under-developed and a sub-par means to maintain some form of online engagement for businesses and organizations.  They are used (and useful) for celebrities, businesses, organizations and more... 


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Everyone can't be #1 on Google!

It is a buzzword, but here's the thing no one says: “optimization” does not mean your business will get found for everything you do. Search engine optimization means simply; 'we will figure out a few key words that will get you higher ranking' – that's it.

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Facebook security updates

A few new features and enhancement announcements recently to "the social network" that are a bit more likely to be used compared to "OTP" or one-time-passwords or remote logout.  As a side note, I'm actually an advocate of using OTP.  It is really pretty easy too.  Just text "OTP" to "FBOOK" or 32665 on your Facebook registered mobile phone.  You'll get a one time password that will expire i

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Change is constant but constant change is changing

LinkedIn changed their advertising platform this week. (see details) Google has slowly changed their SERPs – or Search Engine Results Pages over time to improve search quality.

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LinkedIn changed DirectAds to simply LinkedIn Ads

Evolution or Revolution?

This is the question I ask myself every time there are changes on the uber-geeky plateuas of technology driven business.  Today, LinkedIn "evolved" just a little bit as it sheds the "DirectAds" branded name and slips in a few more features. 


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Social networks made simple: Top 5 in 3 words each from Sterling Solutions

Top 5 is my designation, according for differentiation.  Form follows function.  There are other networks of value as well, these are just what I consider the top social networks right now.

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The cold hard truth about Web Development

By today's standards, accomplishments of even a few years ago seem easy.  Members of our staff have built complex web based solutions, web applications and ecommerce software suites that were years or decades ahead of their time.  Today, the means to solve the very same problems these solutions were designed to fix are in more hands and are much more readily accessible.  There are a vast array of resources available today.


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2 great tools you must download for your web browser

I have been using or have used these 2 tools to overcome the 2 biggest headaches I have with web forms.

(1) Ever spend an inordinate amount of time filling out a form only to have it fail when it comes time to submit?  Me too.  Lazarus to the rescue!

(2) Do you find the repetitive nature of form completion mind-numbing?  Me too.  Check out Sxipper!


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Control is a Myth in Social Networking

When handling Social Media accounts, we often find business owners that want to retain complete control of what employees say.  I respect the need to maintain a controlled environment.