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Search engine optimization (SEO) is a term companies need to know when it comes to creating readable content for their websites. Failure to take SEO into account – even if you’ve got great information to pass on – means it won’t be seen. Here are five SEO basics you need before you start writing.


1) Real Content is King
Search engines “crawl” for content-rich information. The April 2011 Panda/Farmer update from Google resulted in sites engaging in keyword stuffing being sent to the bottom of the pile. Write content with real substance.  Need help? - Just ask.


2) Evergreen is Ever Good
While it’s important to update content on a regular basis, it’s worthwhile to have basic info that customers need available up front on your website. This kind of evergreen (always useful) content can help keep search optimization ratings high.


3) Do Your Research
One of the most important aspects of search engine optimization is targeted keyword use. Find a word or words that are crucial to your content and make sure they are repeated throughout. Run your keywords through a search engine and see what comes up to refine your aim.  We can help you find high value keywords that fit your business.


4) Don’t Stuff!
Use your keywords on a regular basis in articles but don’t shove them in every fifty words. Content needs to read as natural, not forced.  Google does in fact "punish" this type of behaviour.


5) Get Interactive
While text is appropriate for a press release, most SEO articles benefit from the addition of video and images when they are relevant. Google search now includes multimedia and pictures.  The right images, movies and audio files can increase search engine rankings.


Search optimization has to be a primary focus of any content generated today.  (SEOMoz Guide is a great reference, and has the image credit)  Writing in a vacuum does no one any good.  Create real, targeted content with interactive elements to get the best search engine rankings for your website and help drive web traffic increases.  "If it is useful, they will come."  Tip #6?  Convert visitors into clients.


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