the educational technology budget challenge medical law credit union solution providerWhen it comes to Technology Partnership – Sterling Solutions LLC is different.  Our foundation is built for you.  We handle everything from custom to off-the-shelf... programming to hosting - we bring just the right technologies for your operation.

Unique in many respects; Sterling Solutions is your one and only

Technology Services Agency. How can we help you?

Comprehensive Helpdesk Services

Our help desk services connect community members.  We will customize a solution based on your constituency and the needs particular to your organization.  We can provide contact methods to the Support Desk in a number of ways:

  • Help by telephone, with a special number to speak with the Support Desk staff anywhere from a few hours a day on select days of the week to 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Ask us about phone help. 
  • Help online, direct email, web forms, or chat sessions are available.  We can develop special web routes will be provided based on your particular needs.  Users can submit a question via online forms (including as many or few details as required)  A representative will then respond to the Email address supplied within a specified period of time from under an hour, to one or more business days.  Ask about online help.
  • In-person help, we will staff a location during specific hours or provide visiting Support Desk services based on custom requirements. We will provide help with configuring computers and/or training sessions to meet your needs.  If hourly needs are cost prohibitive we can provide services on an appointment basis.  Ask about live help.

Mail and collaborative tools

There is no one size fits all - which is why the Google Apps platform is not the only technology solution we provide.  All other things being equal, the platform is extremely flexible and there are solutions for almost any type or size educational entity.  From setup to support, deployment to training, we provide premier service for this best in class platform; 

Hosted Exchange & Sharepoint

When you lack the resources, time and means to properly manage your on-premise business email solution, outsourcing your service to experts who have maintained focus on these services day in and day out for over a decade is the way to go. Our Hosted Exchange, with its productivity-enhancing features, flexible support and expert migration options, brings you the flexibility and agility you need from a premium email and collaboration solution.

Setting up a SharePoint as a team website, to manage projects, as a collaborative online office, your intranet, or as a document management solution for your business is a fast, cost-effective way to facilitate team communication.   Get started now!

Intranet in a box (system integration)

From simple announcements to internal web interface development for legacy systems we will help you improve process and enhance organizational effectiveness.

Organizations are taking their processes and placing each workflow behind the web browser in order to:
  • Become More Efficient
  • Communicate More Effectively
  • Reference the Knowledgebase wherever, whenever.
  • Create the digital workflow!  
  • Stick to core competencies.

We provide a variety of turn key solutions that will seamlessly integrate into your existing technologies.  Our core objective with intranet in a box is

Site design (CMS, Google, Wordpress, Drupal, custom)

Easy for you doesn’t mean a “simple” website.  From the use of leading edge technologies to world-class infrastructure.

Do you need a new website provider?  We provide services in-house and we can also screen and select producers of high quality digital services and put them to work for you.

We guarantee:

You can always walk away with an HTML copy of your site.
You are never locked into one provider or vendor.